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Arlington Cottages & Townhomes Now Leasing Units to Students

After breaking ground in the spring, the Arlington Cottages and Townhomes are now leasing housing units for prospective fall 2016 residents.
The student housing complex made its leasing announcement in the wake of The Standard’s construction delays, which have displaced some students to hotel rooms for the first few weeks of classes until their rooms are ready.

However, Cody Bodin, director of leasing and marketing for Arlington, said the complex is well underway with its construction and currently on schedule. Arlington is slated to open August 2016, he said.

Arlington Cottages consists of three-, four- and five-person cottages and townhomes on 550 Ben Hur Drive. A company affiliated with Capstone Collegiate Communities, the same group that developed the Cottages of Baton Rouge, bought the 20.5 acres of land for $7 million in May.
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